Don’t worry !

This is not just another  VMware vSphere related blog – no need to monitor it for a while to evaluate the quality of the posts.
There are only 2 reasons to continue reading beyond the first paragraph.
1. You consider requesting remote assistance with an urgent or tricky VMware problem
2. Someone  told you to follow some instructions posted here in preparation of a remote-support session

Still reading ?
I assume you are in a hurry then.
So here is  the info you may need next:

Typical exampels for recent successful sessions – to give you an idea of the range

– a VMFS-datastore with mission critical VMs suddenly seems to be blank or can not be mounted
– someone deleted a VM or VMDK with important data
– a mission critical VM has 50 snapshots that need to be consolidated before the datastore runs ouf of space tonight
– a mission critical VM suddenly lost the last 3 months of data
– you need to extract data but all you have is a delta-file
– a mission critical VM crashed and does no longer boot but is expected to work again tomorrow
– your automatic backup-tool can not backup VM XY – now you have important data inside of snapshots and outdated backups
– you need to Coldclone P2V a Windows-server with a TB of data inside 5 minutes of acceptable downtime

What are my other options ? – Where else can I look for help ?

– search blogs and knowledgebase articles
ask in VMTN – english speaking forum
– ask in the german VMware-forum – german speaking
– consult VMware support
– consult  companies like Ontrack

How to provide the information required for effective remote support

– VMFS related problems
– VM specific problem
– LiveCDs

How to prepare a remote session

During remote recoveries it is necessary to process with the greatest care.
Using known and simple tools helps a lot to avoid errors. So when ever I work remotely I insist on using
– Notepad + – for all Text-edits
– Putty – for all SSH connections to ESXi or Linux hosts
– WinSCP – for all Up- and Downloads to ESXi or Linuxhosts and for all edits on ESXi-config-files

How to get support as soon as possible
How to get support for a scheduled time
How to get support free of charge


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