moa-vmfs-recovery-remote-support-cd preview


Its time for a new version of the
MOA-VMFS-recovery CD.
ESXi 7 is coming …
Collecting the data for a quick analysis of a VMFS-recovery support case needs to become
way easier as it has been in the past…
 I am almost done with the new build – it has
all the features that I need for my recovery work.What about you ?
Do you need a remote support LiveCD too ?
If you have any suggestions let me know …
Call me via skype “sanbarrow”
moa-live-1 my current MOA-VMFS-recovery CD
was build in 2015 and had no GUI option
the new one will be available in 2 versions:GUI-version with a size of about 1 GB
CLI-version with a size of about 500 MBlast version:
CLI-version with a size of 460 MB
moa-live-2 experimental vmfs6-fuse support
vmfs5-fuse with support for large vmdks
moa-live-3 build for remote-work:

getting help is easy:
Teamviewer and Anydesk are ready to use
when you decide to launch the GUI
with Skype you can easily call me and
discuss your problems

moa-live-4 this is not another LiveCD with
GBs of tools you will never need
during remote-support
it just comes with the tools that I
typically use when I am doing housecalls
moa-live-6 VMplayer is not really needed
– but it makes a fine addon when
bundled with my mini ESXi-LiveCDs
a ESX 3.5 LiveCD VM needs
just 35 MB for the iso-file
moa-live-6 the graphical interface is optional

the LiveCD boots into command-line mode
which is preferable for recovery tasks that
are time-consuming …

to use it without GUI you can use Webmin

root-acount enabled
ssh and webmin access is available right after boot
user: root and moon
pass: sanbarrow
Ubuntu 18.04 Server
LiveCD build with a heavily edited script
based on the good old remastersys-scripts
WARNING: This CD does not come with any magical tools.
VMFS-recovery first of all requires experience …