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Forum-name: continuum-icon continuum

Active member of the german VMware forum since 2002. Status:  rank 1 withmore than  14.000 posts
Active member of VMTN since 2003. Status: rank 5 with more than 26.000 posts


Experience with VMware since 2002
Site: www.sanbarrow.com 2003
First LiveCD that could run VMware Workstation published 2004 – based on BartPE
First MOA-LiveCD published 2005
Construction-kit for a Coldclone LiveCD published 2005 – based on BartPE
First builds of a LiveCD optimized for  remote support of vSphere-environments 2008
First vExpert Award 2009
Turn the hobby into a profession 2011

Special skills:

– create LiveCDs to run VMware applications
– troubleshooting of single virtual machines
– data-extraction from corrupt virtual-disks and snapshots – all VMware platforms
– recovery of virtual disks from corrupt VMFS-datastores
– P2V and V2V in tricky scenarios


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Ulli Hankeln
Am Kreuzberg 15
59955 Winterberg


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