Short History of VMware Workstation

I consider myself to be one of the most active VMware Workstation Evangelist through out the history of the product
so I often thought about writing a book about it.
Here is a short summary – a completely biased review of the versions …
Until today I thought the story would end with chapter 15.

WS 1 this was released before I noticed the program
WS 2 first contact: interesting but a bit obscure
WS 3 wow – this is cool
GSX 2.5 fastest hosted product ever – most efficient use of available RAM and CPU
WS 4.0 why did you change the snapshot-format ???
WS 4.0.2 new snapshot-format is not that bad ….
WS 4.1 what the hell is this – are you serious ???
WS 4.2 ok – bugs fixed
WS 4.5.3 fastest Workstation ever
first version that runs from a Windows LiveCD
WS 5 good build
GSX 3 best “Workstation” ever for production use
WS 6 good build
Virtual Box
Virtual Box starts to be a real competitor
VMplayer 1
wow – a free version !
GSX discontinued why ?? – why discontinue a product that really rocks ???
why didn’t VMware continue GSX as the paid product and
release a slightly crippled WS as a free version to compete with Virtual Box ???
VMserver 1 nice – but in its crippled state no replacement for GSX
WS 6.5.3 best build quality ever
best build ever to use from a LiveCD
in my humble opinion Workstation at its prime
I recommended it for production use without any doubts
WS 7 most complete feature set ever available with the optional ACE package
first version that can be used with Linux LiveCDs
Windows based LiveCDs no longer make sense
VMserver 2 a crippled product that did not really make sense to me
WS 8 feature to capture videos with audio disappeared – why ???
first build that could not fix sparse vmdks with problems
I stopped to recommend WS for production use
WS 9 first build that had serious problems with the installer
Auto-protect feature: really ? – do VMware engineers have a mean streak ???
WS 10 , 11, 12 come back of features that were working perfectly in WS 7 and GSX 3
this time they look rather experimental
WS 12.0.1 I consider this to be the “last known solid build”
WS 12.5 I finally gave up all hope and started to think “so this is it …”
WS 14 this build alienated so many users as the new hardware requirements came as a complete surprise
Virtual Box
Virtual Box now seems to be the more predictable product
WS 15 first build with major problems on the Windows platform
now released once a year ….
? until VMworld 2019 I thought the story would end here …
but then I saw the news about a new version running on top of HyperV
  looking forward to see the next version …. first time in years that I am excited about it again

So hopefully this story goes on ….