This place is mess !!!!

I am aware that the current state of this website can be best described as pitiable.
This is not even a real blog as all interactive features are either disabled or have been completely ignored by the responsible admin.

Actually I am about 15 – 18 months behind schedule.
Reasons in short:
– 1. – unexpected family related issues (basically most of them are resolved now)
– 2. – the adaption to ESXi 6.0 and 6.5 required more additional research than expected

Anyway – I am back !

Whats the plan ?

Summarize the lessons I learned in the 10+ years I do remote-recovery support.
List the procedures and medications that have proven to be most useful.
Pick a small list of scenarios in which 2 hours of my time and accumulated experience can make a big difference for the  patient.
Write a menu.
Hire a nurse and open VM-sickbay

Yep – thats the plan. Well … more or less: there is no budget for a nurse at the moment – she will have to wait.

Here is the first menu:

Anamnese and Diagnosis and Prescription for a VMFS-recovery problem.
 – patient provides dump-file and 250 euros
 – 2 hours later you get a summary , a suggestion for the most promising cure,  an evaluation of your chances and assistance.
– most useful if arranged via phonecall

Survival-training for admins of small vSphere-environments
– intended for longterm relationships
– we visit your environment
– I show you how you can radically reduce your VMware related risks with some inconvenient but easy to follow rules.
– Then we will have some practise

Good news …

I received the VMTN-Board Warrior Award.

A new problem solved for the first time …

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